The Twitterization of the Academic Mind (is not a bad thing)

Maybe Twitter is destabilizing the previous norms of higher education. But maybe that’s actually a good thing.


Race and Rhetoric (and my thoughts)

"However, this methodological decision is not wholly discussed, and all the essays in this special forum which cite it seem to do so without turning a critical eye - for instance, by collapsing the variable of race in this way, people like me are entirely erased from view."

The Web in 2019

As I've written previously, the distinction between "internet" and "web" has grown increasingly blurred in recent years. In our contemporary discourse, and in day-to-day interaction, the two terms have become largely conflated. However, as the World Wide Web was first exploding in popularity the difference between the two terms was still more meaningful. Part of … Continue reading The Web in 2019