Spotlight (2015)

In the past, I’ve written a short little post for each movie that I watch. The purpose of this is twofold: one, to make use of the things I’m studying in school and develop my ability to think about and talk about movies, but secondly (and more importantly, perhaps), to have a record of the films I’ve seen. That way I’ll have no shortage of material to discuss when I’m ever at a cocktail party and need to sound smart. Anyway, maybe I’ll get back into writing these, or maybe I’ll just do a few, then lose steam and forget to do it for a while again… neat.

Spotlight || Tom McCarthy || 2016


Spotlight follows the Boston Globe’s investigative journalism team as it uncovers and reports upon the Catholic Church’s allegations of child abuse and the ensuing coverup. While this subject matter (child sexual abuse)is inherently controversial as a hot-button issue, this film truly shines in its portrayal of what I would call the “human side” of traditional journalism. The individual reporters struggle with the difficult topic that they are diving into, and often have difficulty separating their personal lives from their work. In an age where traditional print journalism is rapidly deteriorating, Spotlight serves as a reminder of the important public service that it provides, and the people responsible for making it happen. There was nothing groundbreaking about the film’s cinematography, sound design, or other production aspects; however, its writing and characterization provide an appropriate level of dramatization that present a true story in an entertaining and compelling way.

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