A Propaganda Model

Herman and Chomsky’s Propaganda Model offers an explanation of the processes that are involved with the production of news media. In the essay, they describe the mechanism by which mass media messages pass through a successive series of filters before they ever reach the public. In other words, the content that audiences see on Television … Continue reading A Propaganda Model

Google Cloud Compute Housekeeping

I've been passively gathering data from 4chan's /pol/ board to keep tabs on the "Qanon" conspiracy, and the communities that were promoting it. I had started out with a "set it and forget it" sort of a deal for my 4chan /pol/ scraper. The problem is, though, I set it and the I forgot it. Read on about some of the challenges of studying online communities and ephemeral content...

bell hooks, Hye Sung Chung, and Stuart Hall

Within broad discussions of media texts, issues of gender and power relationships are frequently considered. However, less frequent, but equally as important, is the issue of race. bell hooks’ “The Oppositional Gaze: Black Female Spectators” and Hye Seung Chung’s “The Audience Who Knew Too Much: Oriental Masquerade and Ethnic Recognition among Asian Americans” both directly … Continue reading bell hooks, Hye Sung Chung, and Stuart Hall

Just Meme It

Just a few days ago, Nike unveiled the latest iteration of their "Just Do It" campaign. Over the course of the 2ish minute advertisement, multiple inspiring stories are shared–and dare the audience to set lofty goals, and dream ambitious dreams. The final voiceover at the end of the clip speaks directly and states, "don't ask … Continue reading Just Meme It