“Well what do you mean by that?” – Being Mixed-Race

I’ve never really considered myself the type to write these kinds of longform think-pieces. However, I’ve recently been grappling with the issues of race, identity, and my own experiences in higher education. And perhaps the longform think-piece is best outlet for me. This is something that is difficult for me to write. For the last … Continue reading “Well what do you mean by that?” – Being Mixed-Race


Searching for Human Rights

In the 21st century, human rights have become commonplace and widely accepted. In conversations surrounding the news of the world, human rights may be commonly cited as matters of great concern. Of course, this was not necessarily always the case. We have only reached this point where human rights occupy this space in everyday vernacular … Continue reading Searching for Human Rights

The Berlin File—De-Westernizing the Korean Blockbuster

When Steven Spielburg’s 1975 film Jaws broke box office records by generating over $100 million in revenue, the term “blockbuster” entered the public lexicon. Since then, Hollywood has consistently produced films intended to achieve this same benchmark of the blockbuster designation. Since its first use and continued to the modern day, the term “blockbuster” has … Continue reading The Berlin File—De-Westernizing the Korean Blockbuster

Google Cloud Compute Housekeeping

I've been passively gathering data from 4chan's /pol/ board to keep tabs on the "Qanon" conspiracy, and the communities that were promoting it. I had started out with a "set it and forget it" sort of a deal for my 4chan /pol/ scraper. The problem is, though, I set it and the I forgot it. Read on about some of the challenges of studying online communities and ephemeral content...