The Web in 2019

As I've written previously, the distinction between "internet" and "web" has grown increasingly blurred in recent years. In our contemporary discourse, and in day-to-day interaction, the two terms have become largely conflated. However, as the World Wide Web was first exploding in popularity the difference between the two terms was still more meaningful. Part of … Continue reading The Web in 2019


But what is internet?

In a 1994 clip, the hosts of NBC's Today¬†Show talk about what exactly the Internet actually is. Although computer networking technology had been developed and was in fact widely available for decades prior, it was during the 1990s that browsing the World Wide Web and using Email became popularized, and common activities throughout most households. … Continue reading But what is internet?

Facebook – The World’s Largest Communication Lab?

In the last several years, it has become increasingly apparent that social media and the rapid proliferation of online communication has had a significant influence on the U.S. political process. Despite the ongoing tendency to refer to the Internet as a "virtual world" that somehow exists wholly separately from the so-called "real world" the fact … Continue reading Facebook – The World’s Largest Communication Lab?