Film Genre – and Porn Recently in class, I mentioned that pornography is a genre that is universally recognized. I said that across the world, in various societies, and all throughout history, pornographic content has been considered the lowest form of low-brow culture, and that it is noteworthy that porn is the one thing that seemingly everyone can agree … Continue reading Film Genre – and Porn

The Berlin File—De-Westernizing the Korean Blockbuster

When Steven Spielburg’s 1975 film Jaws broke box office records by generating over $100 million in revenue, the term “blockbuster” entered the public lexicon. Since then, Hollywood has consistently produced films intended to achieve this same benchmark of the blockbuster designation. Since its first use and continued to the modern day, the term “blockbuster” has … Continue reading The Berlin File—De-Westernizing the Korean Blockbuster