bell hooks, Hye Sung Chung, and Stuart Hall

Within broad discussions of media texts, issues of gender and power relationships are frequently considered. However, less frequent, but equally as important, is the issue of race. bell hooks’ “The Oppositional Gaze: Black Female Spectators” and Hye Seung Chung’s “The Audience Who Knew Too Much: Oriental Masquerade and Ethnic Recognition among Asian Americans” both directly … Continue reading bell hooks, Hye Sung Chung, and Stuart Hall

Laura Mulvey and Christian Metz

This week’s readings center around the notion of the spectator, and the process by which the spectator identifies with the characters that appear on the film screen. Much like Baudry’s work (and to the chagrin of Carroll), both Metz and Mulvey utilize psychoanalytic film theory to examine the unique relationship between spectator and film. Metz … Continue reading Laura Mulvey and Christian Metz